Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Something Out Of A Magazine: Country French

Once again, we have found a magazine
filled with items we have at Earth Mama's General Store!
Join us as we browse the pages of 
Country French Magazine...

Let's start in the kitchen.
Blue & white are very popular in
 Country French decor...
And, here they paired the blue & white with copper...
At Earth Mama's, we have plenty of both...

Look at the beautiful piece of pottery on the table...
We have one almost exactly like it...

Here, they have filled a wire basket with apples.
Wouldn't it be great filled with small pumpkins for the Fall?
Yes, we have that too...

The oil painting in this room adds a beautiful statement...
and, this painting at Earth Mama's 
might even be more beautiful!

What says Country French more than a chandelier?
Most likely, ours is much more affordable!!!

We even spotted some wicker chairs in the magazine...
 We have those too!

Whether your style is Country French or something else,
at Earth Mama's General Store,
we have what it takes to turn your home into
something out of a magazine!

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